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Gleb Zorin

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industrial filters

3d visualisation of the industrial textile filter range.

Ipeka Counter12”

3d visualisation of the advanced industrial bread counting equipment from Finland.

In brief

My name is Gleb, I am a “one-man” design studio that does graphic and web design. Besides having a pixelated face, I come up with ideas and bring to life solutions that solve my client’s specific set of needs and grow their businesses. This could be a logo, an ad, 3d visualisation, video, brochure, website or else; separately or altogether. My clients range from talented individuals, to big and respectable companies from all over the world, and I am always looking for new, diverse projects.

I am especially excited to work with clients that are passionate about their work, who value great design and understand its impact on their business, are keen to explore new solutions, and have no respect for the status quo. In addition to cooperating with advertising and brand agencies, I am open for separate offers both on a freelance basis, and occasionally on-site worldwide.

To make an enquiry, start a conversation, or just to say hello — feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Recent articles

Selection of the essays with thoughts on design, art and ?life.

Genius can design

An introduction to the history and success of the German fuel canister, its ingenious design and modern legacy.

Trash can”

Pizza boxes with cutting guides printed on them, for a “no-brainer” slicing.

Trash can is an ever-growing collection of raw, curious, hopeful, lame, and sometimes hopeless ideas, doodles and observations.

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